Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Linzer Sables


Here's the link for our chosen recipe:  Living the Life

And here's the second recipe in a row I would not have tried had I not been part of TWD!

I'm very excited to try these!  My dough is in the fridge, but I'm slightly concerned that even in the furthest stretches of my imagination I'm never going to be able to get 50 single cookies or 25 sandwich cookies from my rolled out dough.  Nope.  I have two of this size dough rolled out.  Granted, I was able to roll out another dough with all the leftovers but I could only make 25 cookies or 12 sandwiches.




Obviously I didn't roll them out evenly as the tips on my stars are burnt, but not too bad. I tried to keep a holiday theme since we're in December. :)


So, because we are Nutella freaks, I, of course, filled our sandwiches with Nutella.  For me, they were okay.  I probably won't make them again.  For one, they are very messy and when you bite them they break and make a mess.  The flavor's fine, but for all the extra calories, they're not something worth some extra time at the gym for.  My hubby liked them, probably due to the Nutella ;)



Danielle said...

Yours looked great! I had the same problem wth them breaking we you ate them. Extra time at the gym I just need to go to the gym first!!! :)

kittymama said...

I agree with you that the flavor on these is not spectacular but I bet the nutella really helped!

What's for Supper? said...

Yours look great. I have never tried Nutella, maybe I should!

Pamela said...

They look great and the Nutella was an addition I thought about, too. I agree though...if I'm going to have to sweat more, it had better be REALLY worth it!! :o)

Jules Someone said...

Those look lovely. Nice job!

Barbara said...

Beautiful! What a great idea to make stars! I like the Nutella idea (I used melted chocolate with finely chopped nuts). We also thought these were a little too crisp and firm and not flavorful enough.