Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Made Them!!

Wow….it’s been so long since I baked but I knew I could commit once a month and although last month I was too sleep deprived to even take a shower or eat a proper meal, this month we’ve developed some semblance of a schedule.

So, this month forced our house to venture into the realm of sweet potatoes – an item both my husband and I have never been fond of, but what better way to give them another chance than in a cupcake.

The overall making of the cupcakes was easy – and I let my 4 year old son measure all the dry ingredients. My 4 year old daughter added the liquids, laid out the cups and helped pour the batter into the cups. I have to say, they turned out well.


My son was very excited and kept looking in the oven…


My 13 year old daughter made the candied pecans and toasted the marshmallows in the oven under the broiler.



So, the difficulty was in the assembly!  WOW what a royal, sticky pain in the tush!!!  To be fair we didn’t have an offset spatula but still – transferring the marshmallows was a mess, funny, but still quite the mess.


Taste:  Not bad – they reminded me more of a spice muffin rather than a cupcake.  Oh, and the sweet potatoes…we loved them!  We made these as we were cooking dinner and I had extra sweet potatoes so we threw them into our mashed red potatoes and the kids INHALED them! Go figure, we all like sweet potatoes =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cupcake Time…Almost

Okay, so the 15th snuck up on me…and I’m supposed to have a cupcake recipe completed by today.  Well, this little person has all my days (and nights) blending together!!


So, these cupcakes for this months MS challenge sound good and I really want to give them a shot – so hopefully he’ll give me a chance to get to my kitchen today…if not I’ll have to wait until my dear husband gets home and maybe this evening I’ll be able to make them up!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally back…

Now that my pregnancy is at the very end…my cravings for sweet has gone through the roof…and the smell of baked goods no longer makes me nauseous!  Which, means the scale hasn’t been as friendly to me these last couple weeks. 

I can’t wait to start baking and posting, but trying to keep everyone’s waistlines in mind, I may not be baking weekly…and if I do, I have to remember to cut the recipes in half so that we can all enjoy our sweet treats but not keep excess around after a day or two!

So, wish me luck and look forward to all sorts of challenges

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back in Cyberworld

A quick update from me – I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m back in cyberworld again!!!  I’ve had three hard drives put into my computer since it arrived on my doorstep brand spanking new 11 months ago.

I’ve had 2 hard drives die within 6 weeks.  This last time I sent the whole computer back to Dell – and was without a computer for 3 weeks just to get a new hard drive.  Let’s just say, after my experience with Dell and their technical support and their laissez faire attitude about defective hard drives (“oh, we’ve had a lot of issues…) this will be the very last Dell computer we purchase, and we’ve been loyal (we’ve bought 5 computers from them).  If I have to re-install all of my programs one more time I think I’m going to scream – especially ones with a finite number of installs before you have to call the company for a new install code.

Beyond that – I'm finally through my first trimester and much of the queasiness has passed.  BUT, for some crazy reason, I seem to be pregnant with a health nut.  I only get nauseous around greasy food and sweets.  I told my husband that I’m just not sure this is our offspring ;)

So, I’m going to TRY and get back into the kitchen soon and hope to start posting again NOW that I’m back online.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Baking yet...

Well, things aren't going much better - I still have an unhealthy friendship with our toilets and every garbage can in the house - oh and my bed (which I'm not complaining about too There are some great recipes coming up in TWD  - my husband is practicing an amazing amount of patience and understanding with our lack of baked items and I really hope to be back to normal soon.